Dubois Packing Plant Contamination Assessment

Boynton Beach, FL

To support a property transaction, WGI conducted a contamination assessment of this 33-acre parcel in Boynton Beach. The property included an inactive vegetable packing plant, equipment repair shops, a gasoline and diesel fueling station, numerous storage tanks, numerous discarded drums and containers, a wastewater seepage basin, agricultural fi elds, and several support buildings. WGI conducted soil and groundwater sampling around the three 10,000-gallon fuel underground storage tanks and the associated fuel pumps and piping.

WGI also evaluated soil around a waste oil aboveground storage tank using an organic vapor analyzer fl ame ionization detector (FID). WGI also sampled the agricultural fi elds for arsenic in soil. Arsenic was present in one location, and WGI delineated the hot spot for soil excavation and removal, and conducted technical oversight of the remediation.