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Basin Drive Stormwater Pump Station Rehabilitation

Delray Beach, Florida

The Basin Drive Stormwater pump station is located in Delray Beach, Fl. This is a 3000 gpm stormwater/flood control pump station owned and operated by the City of Delray Beach, Fl. The Basin Drive coastal residential area suffers from periodic inundation caused by a combination of an undersized stormwater management systems and the effect of Sea Level Rise. During a recent 2016 King Tide Intracoastal waterway water spilled over the seawall and into the Basin Drive area. WGI has been asked to perform an evaluation of stormwater pump station (#16P089), the associated drainage basin storm sewer collection system, and to prepare a summary report detailing the results of the evaluation. The evaluation includes a review of regulatory permit conditions, City objectives, field data collection (LiDAR survey), hydraulic and hydrologic (H&H) modeling and a functional assessment of the pump station components. A pump integrity assessment will be performed to identify mechanical, structural and hydraulic deficiencies including a Sea Level Rise H&H modeling study to quantify flooding caused by increasing SLR. The technical evaluation report will include a description of the system 

deficiencies, recommended upgrades, the preparation of conceptual level upgrade design and the preparation of an engineer’s opinion of probable construction costs.