Frenchman’s Harbor

North Palm Beach, FL

This residential development is located at the corner of Donald Ross Road and Ellison Wilson Road in northern Palm Beach County. WGI’s Structures Systems Division provided design services for the construction of three box culverts, two bridges, 7500 linear feet of seawall, 3200 linear feet of retaining wall, and wood docks for each lot.

The site is environmentally sensitive and contains both wetland and upland areas. To protect this area, approximately 3200 linear feet of retaining wall was installed effectively dividing the upland development area from the wetland area. There are two man-made canals bisecting the upland development area which gives each lot a waterfront location and easy access to the Intracoastal Waterway. These canals required the installation of approximately 7500 linear feet of seawall and allow each lot to have their own dock. An existing waterway flows through the center of the site and a unique underwater box culvert separates the wetland waterway from the man-made canal, allowing for the uninterrupted flow of water without mixing the two bodies of water.